The Whole-istic Person

The Whole-istic Person

The Whole-istic Person

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Content Creator of Nutrition, Wellness, & Holistic Practices on “The Whole-istic Person”. Passionate about health and wellness lifestyle practices and balanced daily living. I believe women should feel beautiful, confident, healthy & happy.

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Mind Body Soul - The Whole-istic Person

You are the sum of ALL the parts (mind+body+soul), and it is important that the mind, body, and soul work together collectively as a team, so you can feel your best, and have the energy to complete your goals.

My goal is to help women find balance in everything they do; mind, body, and soul, and through Holistic Health and Wellness Lifestyle Practices I believe that can be accomplished.

|Health and Wellness Lifestyle|

Here you can discover resources, and information to live a more peaceful and happier life full of wellness and go-to practices. Holistic Wellness means taking care of your body, mental, and spiritual health to live a well-balanced life.

You deserve to wake up happy and confident, and if no one has told you this, “no one is perfect, so be the best You, you can be…”

The Whole-istic Person

A Little About Me

Firstly, I would like to share that this has been a passion of mine since high school. Also, I am not perfect, I believe that it is important to incorporate natural practices into our daily lives, to the best of our ability.

I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and have four children (1 Boy, and 3 fur babies). I feel it is important to be as healthy as we can be spiritually, mentally, and physically.

My biggest inspirations are the women in my family whom I cherish and look up to every day for their immense strength, persevering, ambitious, loving souls.


Healthy Mind

Knowledge is power, my friends. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times. The mind is our most powerful tool, and we have this incredible ability to learn whatever we want and apply our knowledge to our lives and to help others. My mother has always been a strong advocate for education. She believes it is never too late. She inspired me to fearlessly make a big career change. Our mother raised us with the mantra, “they can take everything away from you, but they can’t take your education”.

You must read and implement any knowledge that will positively impact your life. Life is a buffet, take what you want, and leave whatever does not suit you. Walk away from things that dim your light. Learn to create boundaries and do what makes you happy. Make sure that your priority list makes YOU happy not everyone else. Sending you love, light, peace, and prayer.

Healthy Body

Creating a healthy body to create a happy life. It is important to take care of our bodies from the inside, in order to feel, look, and do our best on the outside. When we focus on our bodily wellness it is a domino effect of feeling good, feeling good about looking good, and our positive attitude towards others. When you have bright energy and a great attitude, it will create the right people wanting to be around you, and the grumpy people avoid you. Either way, you will be leading by example. Sending you love, light, peace, and prayer friends. Be well, stay healthy, stay safe.

Healthy Soul

A holistic healthy soul can be a tricky thing to pinpoint because people either lead with their heart, or they lead with their mind. However, the common ground we all carry, is that we all have feelings. Whatever those feelings may be, will differ, but we feel something, said or unsaid… This page is meant to inspire, encourage, and support emotional well-being. I encourage you to be gentle with yourself, and with others. It is necessary to empathize and try to understand the struggles of others. Remember that no one is perfect. The focus should be learning from and understanding each other. It is okay to agree to disagree. We can’t change others, but we can change the way we react. Getting angry hurts me not you…, so I will pray for you. Sending you love, light, peace, and prayer. – Divapinks –

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As Always,

Sending you love, light, peace, and prayer… Remember that life is like a buffet, take what serves you, and leave what may harm you, behind…

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