3 Ways to Stay Motivated During Weight Loss

3 Ways to Stay Motivated

3 Ways to Stay Motivated During Weight Los Journey

It’s not exceedingly difficult to get motivated. Especially right after the New Year when everyone starts to work on their summer bodies. I have listed 3 ways to stay motivated, however, they may be a little unconventional. I believe that happiness and motivation come from within. It is important to practice self-love. Check out this post for inspiration and loving yourself.

Self Love

3 Ways to Stay Motivated – (Weight Loss)

We teach children to look in the mirror and say words of affirmation. We encourage them to speak to themselves and find their confidence from within. This can be difficult for adults because of the way our society is and how much we have been programmed to care about everyone else thinks.

Also, you will never know true bliss until you find inner happiness within and join a partner who loves you for all you are as well. I know… I usually go deep. Can’t help it… Except for the ocean… I won’t go further than feet deep. I have an agreement with the sharks… you stay in your territory and I’ll stay in mine… (laughing in my head). Anyway, here it is…


Create a wallpaper for your phone with a motivational quote or an actual note from yourself. You can see an example of mine below, and there are apps that you can use to create your custom phone wallpaper or lock-screen. Or both! I want you to literally write a note to yourself. See what happens is, we get super motivated and super pumped to crush our goals. And then…

You get to the party with all the food and the damn sweets who have suddenly come alive and are speaking to you about how they need a home in someone’s belly, and well, yours would be the perfect fit (hahaha). I prefer that you literally write a note to yourself as if you were standing in front of YOU and giving yourself a pep talk.

Examples of what you could write to yourself:

You are good enough to say “no” and meet your goals.

Don’t hurt yourself to make someone else feel good, so say no to peer pressure.

You are working towards the red dress! Drink water and eat a vegetable because you got this babe.

Think about how you will feel after. It sucks so don’t do it.

You are amazing and you deserve to feel amazing.

Look in the Mirror

Ok, so here we go with the super unconventional part. After all, I did promise 3 ways to stay motivated. Make a video of yourself when you are feeling super motivated, super pumped to crush your goals, and super determined to stop feeling like crap and not being happy with yourself. Speak to yourself as if you were speaking to a friend, your favorite person, or someone you love. What do you want to tell them to keep them motivated and see all the great things you see?

If you need to place a picture of a specific person you would talk to, then you can do that too. Heck put a picture of them up and talk to them in an encouraging motivational way. A way that you would talk to them because they are worthy and important to you. What do you need to hear before you have that “screw it” moment? What do you need to see?

Example: Stay Motivated

You’re at a party and now you have turned into a wet noodle and no longer have the willpower or strength to stay away from the food. I want you to go to the restroom (no one is going to ask you why you are going to the restroom btw) and watch that video. There are hundreds of motivational speakers out there, but I want you to take back your power and control.

Watching yourself and seeing a pumped and motivated YOU to cheer you on will be a quite different experience in staying motivated. Make sure to leave a comment if you do this and how it worked for you as well. Also, it does not have to be a party. You don’t even have to leave the house. Stop waiting for someone else to provide you with the needs only you know you need. My goal is to encourage you to be your own advocate, guide you in loving yourself, and knowing your worth even before you get out of bed.

Positive Words

Ok, so this is something you are probably familiar with in this last motivational task. Start listening to podcasts and/or the Audible app that allows you to listen to books. Listen to whatever you feel you need to hear to re-focus on your goals and focus on loving yourself. Rachel Hollis (add link) is a great author and talks about self-love. She is incredibly motivating and inspiring. Weight loss is not just about food and weight loss. It is about feeding your soul full of goodness. You can learn to create an armor of strength to deal with all the things that may try to disrupt your peace. You deserve love, and you deserve to be the best you…

Example: Into Motion

You can listen while working out…

Driving in your car…

During your morning routine… (add link!)

Before speaking to someone who creates stress within you…

Etc.… I know if you got this far, you got this…   

As Always,

Sending you love, light, peace, and prayer. Remember that life is like a buffet, take what serves you, and leave what may harm you, behind…

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