Are you Happy

Are You Happy

Have you asked yourself | Are You Happy?

Are you happy with your spiritual health and well-being? Some questions you can ask yourself are as follows, did you know, that your spiritual health and well-being are just as important for your overall health? Where are you spiritually? Also, do you believe in God? Do you believe you were put on this earth with a unique gift to share with the world? Do you believe in karma? I realize these are not everyday questions we ask ourselves, however, it’s important to ask ourselves the tough questions.

First, this is not an attempt to push my beliefs on anyone so please understand that as a Christian woman I don’t judge you and I’m not perfect by any means. Second, my pastor once told me something I will never forget. This was after I was upset about the way I was treated at church by another person. She said, “the church is like a hospital”, people don’t come here because they are perfect and have all the answers. This was mind-blowing and completely changed my perspective. I mean seriously, do people workout and get a great body before they start going to the gym?.

This is NOT about Church or Religion

People attend church for many reasons. Everyone has their own story. This post is not about church or being a Christian.

Where are you spiritually? What do you believe in? What makes you want to do good unto others and to yourself? Did you catch that?… yourself… Did you know that you could be the greatest friend, wife, sister, mother, and still be a mean bully to yourself? I know, it was shocking when I realized that it was possible to do that, so I will leave this subject for a later time.

Before I started going to church I felt that I didn’t need to go to church because I had a great relationship with God and we talked all the time. I go to church the same way you may meditate, or go hiking in quiet far places, or do yoga. We are looking for peace within ourselves.

Seeking Happiness

Are you Happy?

I constantly hear women talk about how they just want to be happy, or if you do this you will feel better, or if you buy that you will feel better. Friends… this is just a band-aid!

EXAMPLE: Drinking, going shopping for something new, getting your hair and nails done after a year of no maintenance, going on vacation with the money you don’t have. These are all short bursts of happiness that raise dopamine levels and make us feel as if that is all we needed and now we can conquer anything. Until the high is over, and the cycle repeats itself…
What if I told you that true happiness is finding peace within yourself. What if I told you that happiness is looking in the mirror and saying, dang girl, you look like a snack,… I know.. you’re waiting for me to get to the answer. You’re waiting for me to give you the perfect formula.

There’s No Perfect Formula!

Spirituality is having this incredible peace within your soul. I have found my peace through my faith in God and you may find it in a completely different place and that’s ok.
Making peace with yourself and coming to feel this incredible feeling of love and peace in your heart and soul is the best happiness you will ever feel. How do I know this?, well because I finally figured out that happiness was not the first priority. My first priority was having peace and happiness then followed.

Remove the Garbage

Get Happy

I left my burdens at the altar every Sunday. Many things can make us feel good in the moment, or even for a little while. True peace comes from the work we have to do inside.

Spiritually Clean House

Happy Life Happy You

  1. Meditation is so important in organizing your thoughts, and it’s a great place to start cleaning the energy within.

2) Giving your problems to a higher power greater than yourself may be what is right for you.

3) Make small changes to begin to shift your focus on your family and community.

4) Do you constantly worry about debt?, well make a plan and begin to pay it off while leaving your stress to a higher power or at the alter like I have done. (I have also followed financial guru Dave Ramsey, and this has helped tremendously).

5) Go to a therapist or go to a church, but please forgive yourself. Be gentle with yourself when you fail. Stop telling yourself that you can’t do it. Would you tell a friend, “oh just quit, it’s what everyone is expecting of you”. “You’re not good enough so don’t even try”.

6) We would never be that mean to a friend. So don’t be that mean to yourself. A great example is when we tell little kids to just try their best. That’s all you need to do is, your best.

7) Remove the garbage weighing on your soul. Let go of the things you’ve done wrong, hurt you have felt from others. Let go of the people who disrupt your peace. Begin to spiritually clean house and do an inventory of the things that can bring you peace of mind.

8) Search for like-minded people so that you don’t feel alone. Such as a support group for example.

9) Take a walk. Make a list. Sit down and write 5 positive qualities about yourself. Take a breath. Take a bath.

10) The peace I have come to feel has been the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

Final Thoughts

• Whether I stress and have a nervous breakdown, or just give my burdens to God while I try and find a solution to the problem, I finally realized that the problem is still going to be the problem. Imagine if our problems became fixed every time we stressed about it. What an easy solution right? We wouldn’t even have to get up from our chairs. Just “Bam!”, I have stressed it into oblivion. That’s not realistic.

• What is the reality? The reality is that when you stress, your body becomes stressed, and when your body becomes stressed, that can lead to many things in a downward spiral like becoming depressed and lashing out at the people around you. It becomes a domino effect.

• Moral of the story? Don’t look for happiness. Look for peace within. The happiness will come from those who are inspired by you. The happiness will come when you’re sitting alone and feeling good because you emptied the trash in your life that has been destroying your peace (addiction, bad relationships, negative attitude, etc…).

The Health of Your Soul

The health of your soul and inner peace cannot be found on a specific machine at the gym, or in a medicine prescribed by a doctor, or even in another person… find your peace friends and feel the incredible happiness that comes along with it.

Food for the Soul
As always,

As Always,

Sending you love, light, peace, and prayer. Remember that life is like a buffet, take what serves you, and leave what may harm you, behind…

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