Blueberry Salad Dressing Recipe

Blueberry Salad Dressing

Blueberry Salad Dressing Recipe

This has been a hit with my family. This blueberry salad dressing recipe, has been great when trying to get my family to eat their greens. This recipe is part of a post I wrote about the benefits of blueberries. If you want to start with the facts, that usually helps ha-ha. My family looks at me when I start giving facts like, “oh great, what is she going to have us try now”. I tell them they are so dramatic because they end up loving most of what I give them these days.

This salad dressing could go well with chicken (I don’t eat meat), or any other poultry (I’ll continue with my greens thank you). This would be a great addition to bring to a party, and it is very cost-efficient. When they ask where you bought it you can tell them you made it and it will surely be the “talk of the town”.

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Bon Appetit!

I will be adding another blueberry recipe next week so stay tuned. Also, if you love blueberries, or even if you don’t, you can read about the benefits of blueberries here. Please tag me on Instagram when you make this blueberry salad dressing. I would love to see if you made changes/adjustments or poured over something other than salad. Oh, don’t forget to give it five stars up at the top of the recipe. If you liked this recipe, stay tuned for my guacamole recipe coming to a post near you.

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