Dear Past | Thank You

Dear Past Thank You

Dear Past | Thank You

Part of this “Dear Self” series, is a series of poems (Holistic Poems) that take a deep look into the heart of my soul (Dear Past | Thank You). I have organically poured my heart and soul into this series of writing under the soul tab of this website, where you will find the rest of the posts in the series. Leave a comment below on the impact this poem had on you or someone you think could relate. I send you love, light, and most of all, I send you peace.

Thank You… Goodbye…

Dear Past, Thank you….

Thank you for the late nights.

The feeling of inferiority.

The self-loathing.

The tears, anxiety, and hospital visits.

The people who have come and gone.

Thank you for the pain.

Thank you for the joy.

For the finish lines I crossed that I never thought I could.

Thank you for the good, bad, and ugly.

Thank you... for knowing that after walking on coal…,

it didn’t kill me…

Thank you for the incredible pain I never thought I could get


Thank you for all the things I did that I thought I had to prove to

everyone else.

Thank you for the fact that now that I know I can…., I can start to

do whatever the hell I WANT.

Thank you for knowing I can fully submerge myself in doing things

I am passionate about this time…. because I did everything I

thought I was too stupid to accomplish.

Thank you for the low self-esteem.

Thank you... really… for the self-doubt.

For the anger I felt alone.

Thank you because now…, now I can feel free of everything I

thought I wasn’t.

Thank you for being a lesson learned I can drive away from now…

Life is a buffet, take what you want and leave the rest… Sending you love, light, prayer, and peace…

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