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Dear Self Series|Im Sorry

Part of this “Dear Self” series, is a series of poems, (Holistic Poems) that take a deep look into the heart of my soul. I have organically poured my heart and soul into this series of writing under the soul tab of this website, where you will find the rest of the posts in the series. Leave a comment below on the impact this poem, had on you or someone you think could relate. Writing can be very therapeutic, and sharing with you is scary, to be honest. We usually think of writing letters or sending messages to others and we forget about ourselves. Dear Self | I’m Sorry, came from a very vulnerable place. If it helps you to feel better, well then it is well worth it. Sending you love, light, and most of all, I send you peace. Dear Self Im Sorry

A letter to myself..

A letter to her…

Dear Self,… I’m Sorry,…

For thinking you were too stupid

to accomplish your goals..

For thinking and believing you were too ugly

to post pics of yourself..

For thinking you are/were/and will be…,

too fat to be taken seriously..

For the mistakes and stupid things you’ve

done and said..

For wasting so much time being angry..

And thinking you deserved less..

For almost…, almost…, giving up..

And not taking yourself seriously..

For trying to accommodate everyone but you..

For being in denial and not seeking help for

your eating disorder sooner..

For not making yourself a priority..

And especially for not allowing yourself to cry..

For going vegan for months,

then eating the damn cake..

For not being perfect….

I’m sorry…

Dear Self | Im Sorry

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As Always,

Sending you love, light, peace, and prayer. Remember that life is like a buffet, take what serves you, and leave what may harm you, behind…

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