Food for the Soul | Holistic Poem

Dear Root of the Rose | Food for the Soul | Holistic Poem

Food for the Soul | Holistic Poem

Part of this “Dear Self” series, is a series of poems (Food for the Soul | Holistic Poem) that take a deep look into the heart of my soul.

I have organically poured my heart and soul into this series of writing.

Dear Root of the Rose

Dear Root of the Rose,

You will live and breathe, and your petals will fall with the


Astonishingly… you will still stand.

The winters will be colder than you can delicately handle.

The summers will be furiously hot and your petals will dry

and fall.

The spring will bring fresh air and you will bloom at your


You will beautifully and confidently stand tall with


And you will be admired.

The rain will fall harder than you think you can handle.

And yes, you will in deed wilt.

The nights will be silent, and the days will be busy.

You may be cut, stepped on, or plucked.

But guess what?…

No matter the season….

You will always have the scent of a rose.

And that my dear,..

Well that they can’t take away from you….

I send you love, light, and most of all, I send you peace.

As Always,

Sending you love, light, peace, and prayer. Remember that life is like a buffet, take what serves you, and leave what harms you, behind…

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