Top 5 Books for Wellness

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Top 5 Wellness Books

Top 5 books wellness

The top 5 books for wellness, that I read are not all about food or meditation, etc. Having health and wellness is not the only area of your life to focus on, so reading can be necessary. These books may or may not apply to you and that’s okay (take what you want and leave the rest). Life is about having many tools in our toolbox, to be able to live our lives with confidence and peace.

Love/Inner Peace

I’m learning every day, and as I get older I’m learning to love myself just a little more. Learning to find more inner peace, and most importantly learning so that I may eventually help others with my knowledge. The following books are ones that have helped me through mental, physical, and spiritual wellness in my life thus far.

Who has time to read?

I know you’re probably thinking it must be nice to have time to read. I get it, for years (while I studied in college) it was rare if I read a book for pleasure. However, finding audible and kindle has been a game-changer. Yes I knew these existed, (I don’t live under a rock haha) I finally downloaded the apps on my phone.


After a couple of months trying kindle and audible, I decided to get a subscription with audible. I can listen to books from wherever I am and write notes to refer back to later. If you love highlighting, then kindle is a great option. Yes, I have books I can hold in my hand, I’m not a savage (laughing because I think I’m hilarious). Anyway, I’m a busy mom and wife so just being able to listen has done wonders.

Quick tip:

Top 5 Books for Wellness

You’re probably wondering how I know which books to get (maybe not, but I’m going to tell you anyway). I look up books I’d like to read on Amazon and download a sample to my phone. This helps give me figure out whether it’s interesting enough for me to download to my audible app. If I want to be sure (maybe there’s a lot of hype or reviews); I’ll head to Barnes & Noble and find the book to skim through. I either buy it there, on kindle, (to highlight/take notes) or buy it on audible to listen while I drive.

My top 5 picks:

Top 5 Books for Wellness

Book: One

I’ll start with this one because it’s the most personal in my life. So, I have a binge eating disorder (I always will). But I have not binged in months and I am very proud of myself. The more I dive into health & wellness, the more I want to do good to my body also. This book by no means is a cure, just to be clear but it has helped. It has taken years for me to get my binge-eating episodes under control. This book has been a great reference, and has provided a ton of information that has made sense.

Food Junkies – The Truth About Food Addiction
Oh my gosh!

I’m so excited, I had no idea that a new edition had come out this year. I saw it while looking up the link to share with you. I’ll most likely purchase the new edition in kindle soon so I can highlight the heck out of it ha-ha.

Food Junkies – Recovery from Food Addiction  

Book: Two

I was invited to Bible study, and the theme of the discussion was spiritual warfare so I was curious and intrigued. Also, I absolutely love studying scriptures through the guidance of this book. We talked about real-world situations that applied in today’s world. It was amazing to me to be able to make the connection between my current situations and daily life too. By the way, there’s also a workbook, and it’s the one we studied out of in bible study. I will link both below.

Victory in Spiritual Warfare
The Study Book

Book: Three

The therapist I was seeing at the time recommended this book to me. There were some things in the book I related to and some I didn’t. That’s okay because not every book is written for one specific person. Also, I feel the book is well written and can help many people. Especially those that may be in distress over a toxic person or relationship that may be in their lives.

This book is directed towards dealing with people who have a specific disorder. However, only a professional could diagnose that in a person. The content helped me with the anxiety I felt with this particular person’s presence in my life. As a result, I’ve learned you can’t change other people, only change your reaction, and how you respond.

Stop Walking on Eggshells – taking your life back when someone you care about…

Book: Four

I haven’t applied the recipes from the book as of the writing of this post. But, all the information provided was eye-opening. I think this is great for beginners. Also, for those who want to take the stress of applying new eating habits into their life. I have truly enjoyed this book. For me to feel my best, I would like to lose 20 pounds. Plus, I don’t care how much others think I need to lose or not lose. You should do what makes you happy.

Balance and eating to provide my body with nutrients that make me feel my best, is what I believe in. And so my advice to you is, “You do you girl”. (wink)

Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free
Look what I found. There’s a plan for plant-based eaters, woo-hoo! Have you read this one?

Book: Five

This was a graduation gift for one of my sisters, and I enjoyed reading this book. There were so many things that gave me that ah-ha moment also. Besides, this book is a gentle approach for those who need encouragement to live their best life. Also, more importantly, this book encourages women empowerment.

I recently found a workbook, written by a different author that focuses on working hand-in-hand with Rachel Hollis’ book. I would love to go through the workbook with my sisters above all.

Girl, Stop Apologizing

The book below is a Workbook that goes with, but isn’t written by Rachel Hollis.

Workbook for Girl, Stop Apologizing Rachel Hollis
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